Freelance Programming and Tech Talent Platforms

Scalable Path

Scalable Path is an international network of software developers and project managers. After a 4-stage vetting process, candidates are matched with clients. Clients can hire individual developers or build full teams with the help of a Scalable Path project manager.


workother is a crowdsourcing platform that launched in 2001. It includes over 1 million members consisting of designers, developers, and data scientists who compete to win projects.


X-Team was founded in 2006, and provides staffing solutions for software development needs. X-Team provides full-time individual developers or teams to work on software projects. Clients are responsible for running their own projects while X-Team provides onboarding support for the developers they place.

General Freelance Marketplaces & Websites

The general freelance marketplace websites listed in this section offer a wide range of service and talent categories. Typically, the diversity of talent options provided by general marketplace platforms means a less involved vetting process but potentially more budget-friendly pricing packages.


Cloudpeeps Freelance Marketplace

Cloudpeeps is general marketplace made up of freelancers in various professions. Entrepreneurs can post jobs, receive proposals, and select freelance talent. Cloudpeeps offers different membership packages categorized as entrepreneur, business, and enterprise.

Upwork Alternative Freelancer is a well-known Australian based Upwork alternative. provides talent sourcing solutions for software development, writing, design, and more. The site uses a bidding system to filter out prospective freelancers — clients can choose talent based on project proposals and review of past work.


Fiverr Freelance Services

Fiverr describes itself as “freelance services for the lean entrepreneur,” hinting that they offer budget freelance options, starting at just $5. The freelancer-centric site refers to freelancers as “sellers.” There are over 100 categories of services “sellers” can offer their skills in.


Guru boasts over 3 million services available from 1.5 million members worldwide. Guru has its own Work Room for clients to manage partnerships — which can be used for everything from creating agreements to defining milestones. Using their SafePay system, the site releases payments to “Gurus” once work has been approved by clients.

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