In such a case, the employer doesn’t need to attend the Immigration Department in particular person. Non-permanent residents of the HKSAR, irrespective of their nationality and kind of travel document held, don’t require a re-entry visa/entry permit to enter the HKSAR offered that they return throughout the foreign money of their permitted limit of stay and that the circumstances upon which they have acquired their residential standing remain unchanged. ought to be offered along with the entry allow label issued to him/her for immigration arrival clearance. Approval of applications is completely discretionary and is subject to adjustments in authorities policies.

Holders of Chinese passports are granted a keep of 7 days offering they are transiting to a 3rd nation . Furthermore, the Hong Kong Immigration Department has restrictions for holders of sure kinds of passports, even when the holder’s nationality itself supplies visa-free entry. It normally takes 4 to 6 weeks to process asmtp visa hong kong the appliance by The Immigration Department, but there may be some extra questions raised during the evaluation, due to this fact it is prone to take around 2 to 3 months to complete.

The exit endorsement might be issued on an exit entry permit ,18 which is a selected Chinese travel document issued to Chinese nationals who are mainland residents for their travel to Hong Kong and Macao. The old kind of EEP was a booklet by which the applicant would affix the entry visa sticker label to a clean visa web page of his or her EEP bearing the exit endorsement and travel to Hong Kong to activate his or her Hong Kong employment visa. He or she must merely travel to Hong Kong along with his or her EEP, bearing the exit endorsement from the Public Security Bureau in China, and present it with the entry visa sticker label to the HKID for activation of the Hong Kong employment visa inside three months of the date it is issued.

In reality, the applying course of and charges are the same across the board regardless of the sort of visa you need. This kind of visa is open for foreigners who will be employed by a Hong Kong firm and might be relocating to Hong Kong. Duration of visa You could prolong the period of your GEP visa for a period of two years. Please observe that you’re not eligible to any of the immigration routes/options listed above in case you are a citizen of Afghanistan, Albania, Cambodia, Cuba, Laos, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea , Nepal and Vietnam. Some isolated incidents, which have been extensively publicised on each mainstream and social media, may lead you to believe the contrary. But actually Hong Kong continues to be a best choice for PRC talents who’re seeking employment alternatives elsewhere, and for good purpose.

Thus, relying on the nature of the business and the nationality and background of the investor,21 it’s potential to take a position as little as HK$390,000 to HK$780,000 and still qualify for an employment visa. This doesn’t imply, nevertheless, that a one-person trading enterprise working out of a house on a shoestring budget or out of a sublease of a small a half of an workplace with limited capital in danger that generates modest revenues shall be accredited. The entry for funding as entrepreneurs class is not obtainable to nationals of Afghanistan, Cuba, North Korea, Laos, Nepal and Vietnam. Apart from the mainstream employment categories such as the GEP, the ASMTP and TechTAS, the SLS continues in existence for the importation of labour at technician stage or below.

In general, non-permanent residents could apply for an extension of stay and their visa in Hong Kong within 4 weeks before the limit of keep expires the place the immigration status remains unchanged. Furthermore, an individual who’s on an employment visa beneath the GEP, the ASMTP or the GPT of the QMAS may be eligible for a six-year extension of stay under the top-tier employment stream if he or she earns a high salary (not less than HK$2 million per annum). The HKID will think about all of the details of the case and, barring circumstances that would seem to indicate that the applicant is no longer habitually an HKSAR resident, employment visa holders or their dependants will normally have their cases permitted in four to six weeks. In an SLS utility, after acquiring approval-in-principle, the employer should arrange for the prospective worker to submit an entry visa or permit software inside three months of the date of the approval-in-principle, as the approval-in-principle will routinely lapse within the prescribed interval if the appliance isn’t submitted in time. For the applicant who has been admitted into Hong Kong for take up employment although above talked about work visa scheme, he/she may apply for the dependant visa to his/her partner or single dependent child underneath the age of 18. Also, work visa holders could apply for the proper of abode in Hong Kong in accordance with the regulation if ordinarily resided in Hong Kong for a steady interval of not lower than seven years.

Mainland residents who want to come to the HKSAR to take up employment should apply under the Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals. Chinese residents of the Mainland of China Note 1 who possess particular skills, information or expertise of worth to and never available in the HKSAR could apply to come to work beneath the ASMTP. If you realize you’re going to overstay your visa, even by just a day or two, the safest possibility is to go directly to the Immigration Department office—the Immigration Tower—in Wan Chai and request an official extension.

The visa policy of Hong Kong offers with the necessities during which a overseas national wishing to enter Hong Kong by way of one of many 15 immigration control points should meet to obtain an entry allow or Visa, which depending on the traveller’s nationality, may be required to travel to, enter, and remain in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Visitors from over 145 nations are permitted without Visa entry for intervals starting from 7 to one hundred eighty days, to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for tourism or certain business-related actions. Once the quota utility is approved, it might possibly then submit an application to sponsor an eligible applicant to apply for an employment visa or entry permit to the HKID throughout the 12-month quota-validity period under TechTAS. Hong Kong does not present for exemptions or preferential remedy based on business sectors for employment visa categories. The length of keep of such dependants will usually be linked to that of their sponsors.

As the impact of the covid-19 outbreak continues to broaden throughout the globe, international immigration legal professionals find themselves in varied phases of the disaster administration lifecycle, having to advise shoppers and corporations with enterprise travel and immigration needs. Under General Employment Policy (“GEP”), the foreigners who possess special expertise, knowledge, or experience of value to and not readily available in Hong Kong may apply to come back to work as Professionals. In general, except a person has the best of abode or proper to land in Hong Kong, he/she requires a visa allow for work in Hong Kong. The foreigners who wish to take up any short-term or long-term employment in Hong Kong, he/she must obtain an employment visa/permit from Hong Kong Immigration Department before take-up the employment. pandemic, the Hong Kong Immigration Department will briefly settle for purposes from present Hong Kong non-permanent resident visa-holders to extend their visa while presently overseas. Foreign nationals beneath this category may even have the flexibility to lengthen their stays twice for three years at a time, or for so lengthy as the employment contract lasts, whichever is shorter.