WoW Power Leveling Service – It is a Waste of Money, Find Out Why Today!

If you play the massive game of World of Warcraft then I can sympathise that you want to use some method to get to level 80 fast. However this article will explain why you really do not need a WoW Power Leveling Service and also provide an alternative to use if you really want to hit the level cap fast.

1. The first reason that you should not use a WoW Power Leveling Service is because of the cost, pure and simple! A lot of these leveling services will charge in the region of $150 to $300 to level up your character from level one to 80. You are already paying a subscription fee to play the game which is the first reason not to pay more money but also you will need to give them your account details for the game and this is not a good idea.

2. The second reason is really because it is against the terms and conditions of the game and if Blizzard suspects you are using one of these services, then they will just close your account without warning and you’ll be left out of pocket and losing all the hard work you’ve done so far.

3. The final reason and probably the most important is the fact that if you get someone to level you up to the level cap, and then they present you with a brand new level 80 character to play with you really will have no idea of how to use the character effectively. If you think it takes most people up to six months to get to the level cap, and during the six months they will have got to know all the moves that their character has and how to use them effectively.

So if you are thinking it will make the game easier for you of course you can run about killing lower levels, but if you want to join in with PVP matches, you will find that you will probably struggle has a lot of the players have been through the whole game legitimately.

So what do you do if you want to level faster on WoW?

Well instead of a WoW Power Leveling Service if you are really determined to find some way to level faster in the quickest possible time and I suggest you look for a good leveling guide that basically shows you with maps and step by step instructions of where you should be going and what quests you should be doing at any given point.

If you find a good one this can really help you level up quicker than you should be able to get to the level cap in about four weeks and that is only with about an hour a day.

The other benefits of a good WoW leveling guide is the price, instead of paying between $100 to $300 you can normally pick up a good one for under $50!

I hope this article has explained a bit more about why you should not use a WoW Power Leveling Service and also giving you another solution that makes more sense!

Happy leveling!

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